This post is a roundup of literature supporting the concept of custom hardware in a research environment. This includes "big picture" publications about the topic as well as notable reports of specific hardware advancements.

date journal article
1989-03-15 Anal. Chem. Microcontrol in the Laboratory
2015-03-20 PLOS Biology Open Labware: 3-D Printing Your Own Lab Equipment
2015-11-06 OPR&D A Novel Internet-Based Reaction Monitoring, Control and Autonomous Self-Optimization Platform for Chemical Synthesis
2017-04-13 ACS Central Science A General Small-Scale Reactor To Enable Standardization and Acceleration of Photocatalytic Reactions
2020-07-10 Frontiers in Plant. The XyloTron: Flexible, Open-Source, Image-Based Macroscopic Field Identification of Wood Products
2020-07-27 Chemical Reviews Elevating Chemistry Research with a Modern Electronics Toolkit
2021-01-16 ChemPhotoChem A 3D‐Printed Open Access Photoreactor Designed for Versatile Applications in Photoredox‐ and Photoelectrochemical Synthesis

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