I made an overdesigned mug holder for my apartment!

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raw material

I used an old piece of flooring that my dad had laying around. This meant that I needed to rip down the sides before beginning. The wood is pretty, but not perfect.

cutting to size

I cut down the wood and used a joiner and planar to finish it.

After ripping.
In planar.
Chopping to length.

I used the drill press to dril pilot holes (for hooks) and countersunk through holes (for mounting screws).


I sanded the board to take off the edges and saw marks.

Endgrain detail.

I applied two coats of my favorite "salad bowl finish" by brush. I did it pretty casually but it came out well.

Finally I installed my hooks, purchased from Mendards.

final product

As designed, the mug holder works great on the end of the awkward thin wall that divdes my kitchen and living room. Given how little storage space I have in the kitchen, it's a real help. Plus it's a nice way to display my mug collection!

Detail of "Ah!" mug given to me by my good friend Claire Till.

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