This post is a roundup of companies that produce printed circuit boards.

company notes
AAPCB Small-scale assembly, quick turn.
Advanced Assembly Assembly.
Aisler Germany. Similar to JLCPCB.
Bay Area Circuits California. Full capability shop.
Cyber City Small-scale assembly.
Circuit Hub Assembly. Instant quote.
DigiKey Board printing.
elecrow Board printing.
Fusion Board pringing, associated with seeed.
JLCPCB Probably the most popular small-scale PCB manufacturer.
OSH Park Fast service at reasonable price. Batch orderer.
PCBWay Very popular cheap manufacturer. Easy customization.
Royal Circuits "World's Fastest PCB Manufacturing."
Sierra Circuits California. Full capability shop.
Smart Prototyping Full capability shop.
Sparkfun Contract manufacturing via SparkFun.
Worthington Massachusetts. Small-scale assembly.

I tend to use PCBWay for most "everyday" orders and OSH Park for rush orders.
I have never contracted a manufacturer to do assembly. Hope to try in future.

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